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Basketball Monday 1-20-20

Basketball Monday 1-20-20

Basketball Monday 1-20-20

I love betting games in the middle of the day on weekdays. It literally gets me by during the summer months when we only have baseball and it might be the reason I start betting soccer even though I have no idea what I am doing in that sport. Today is a holiday so technically it is not live games on a weekday but some people do have to work today so I am counting it. When there are games on in the middle of the day, you should find a way to bet them. It’s science.

The Charlotte/Old Dominion Game is one that I like and I am going to play it two ways. This game will either make or break the day since the bets are borderline correlated so that does kind of suck unless we win both. Then it’s awesome. The first half total for this game is super low and while it is an afternoon game, I still think it is a good bet to go over in the first half.

The last time Charlotte and Old Dominion played, they only got to 50 in the first half but Old Dominion had not played in a week and it was their first game of a road trip. I don’t even know if that had anything to do with anything, but it makes me feel better. (They did shoot 1-22 from 3 point land which seems tough to do again.) Old Dominion is awful in the offensive efficiency metric but they still have scored at least 27 points in the first half in four of their last five games so if they do that today, we should get home.

As for NC State, I just think 26 is too low. I don’t even have a stat for it. This game tips at 7 so by then I will need some action after waiting approximately two hours since my last bet. NC State gets 30+ in the first half against everybody so why not 26 against Virginia. South Carolina did it. Boston College did it. Florida State did it. Hell, Navy scored 29 in the first half on Virginia. This is not even about the two teams, it’s about the number. 26 points is only 13 baskets. It may not even be that when you factor in free throws and three pointers. They have 20 minutes to do it. Nuff said, I’m betting it.

Basketball Monday 1-20-20 (Lines are at 5Dimes)

  • Charlotte/Old Dominion Over 53 *1st Half
  • Charlotte TTO 25.5 *1st Half
  • NC State TTO 26 *1st Half

Every straight bet I make is to win 1% of my bankroll

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