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Ducks/Blackhawks Bet 1-11-20

Ducks/Blackhawks Bet 1-11-20

Ducks/Blackhawks Bet 1-11-20

Let’s say you backed Kirk Cousins in a teaser with the Ravens over and now you have nothing to watch on a Saturday Night because Cousins is terrible. First, don’t panic, it will happen again. That was most likely one of thousands of bad bets you have made over the years. What you need to do, is chase your loss with a bet that you didn’t even like when you looked at the lines this morning. This strategy works 100% of the time so you know nothing can go wrong.

The only issue with this bet tonight is that the Blackhawks will likely score all three of their goals early so you will not be entertained for long. John Gibson is minding the net for the Ducks tonight and to be honest, he is a very generous goaltender. In the last 10 games he has played, the other team has scored at least three goals eight times. This guy seriously looks like he is playing with his eyes closed most of the time. The Ducks have played 21 games on the road this season and given up 74 goals so it really does not matter who plays goal for them, they are going to give it up. I wish I had one that would take a little longer to cover since it is Saturday Night but this is all I could come up with. See you guys at the cashier’s cage!

Ducks/Blackhawks Bet 1-11-20 (Line is at 5Dimes)

Chicago Blackhawks TTO 2.5 (-155)

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