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Fairfield-Marist Prediction 2-14-2020

Fairfield-Marist Prediction 2-14-2020

Fairfield-Marist Prediction 2-14-2020

I may be done with unders forever from now on. I can’t be something I am not and I am just not an under guy. Under people are just different people than the rest of us. I’ll say it because it’s a fact. I’ll say something else too, I don’t like them. I literally did not like myself when I was yelling “slow down” on every possession or “his foot was on the line” on every three point attempt. I went to a dark place last night and it climaxed when Kawhi Leonard brought the ball from the baseline all the way up to the three point line and nobody even put a hand in his face as he drained a three. I literally called all NBA players lazy because of their lack of defense. I’m better than that and it took we rolling a 220 at bowling last night to realize it.¬†Under John died a painful death last night but it was needed. (Just so we are clear about what just happened. My bowling score literally has nothing to do with this but I really wanted to brag about throwing a 220. It is a big number.)

On to tonight. About five minutes after this game starts, you are going to wonder why you bet this game and I can answer that right now. Because it’s an over and because it would be ridiculous if two college hoops teams couldn’t score 54 points in the first half. I know both teams are terrible and I know that the number of people in the crowd may not even hit double digits. I am completely aware of what this game is all about. Throw all of that out the window though because it won’t matter. At least I hope not.

As bad as Marist is, they have been good at home recently as they have won their last three games at the McCann Center. That’s kind of a big deal because they have only won six games all season. That’s almost half of their wins on the year. Each of their last three home games all went over 54 in the first half with ease. What was really impressive was the fact that they dropped 37 points in the first half of last game against Saint Peter’s who has a decent defense (106 in def efficiency in the nation). These Marist kids love to show off for the dozens of fans that turn out for each game. I am not too worried about the Red Foxes holding up their end of the bargain.

Fairfield is a different story. The Stags seem to try to play a style of basketball where they try to score in the low 50’s for the game. They have been successful in doing that the last four games even though they only won one of those games. Even though they don’t score much for the game, they are pretty consistent in getting to at least the mid 20’s in the first half. When you go back and look at their last few road games, it looks like this: 23, 29, 32, 26. Now that is terrible but only if the total was in the 60’s which it’s not. We don’t need anybody to set any records out there tonight, we just need them to not be god awful. Nuff said. I’m betting on neither team to suck that bad tonight.

Fairfield-Marist Prediction 2-14-2020 (All Lines are at 5Dimes)

  • Fairfield/Marist Over 54 *1st Half

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Fairfield-Marist Prediction 2-14-2020

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