Greatest Sports Bettors All-time

John Hyslop

My picks will always be free! I never think that I am going to lose until I do. I love to gamble and I love to write about it. I literally bet sports everyday and will for as long as I am alive. If you think you are going to get rich betting games or even become one of the greatest sports bettors of all-time, let me save you some time, you won't. You still have to bet the games though. Be somebody!




Craig Masters

I operate the VK Premium sports betting bot. This is where useful sports betting information reaches today’s sophisticated sports bettor. It is simple and easy to understand. When my bot spots a line move at one of the over 40 sports books it monitors, I am notified. If the line moves to a situation where we have a win probability of 60+% while only paying for an implied probability of 52.3% [-110], we bet it. This process works and it has been proven over time.

Don't just pull a John Hyslop and go with your gut. Be smart when you bet. You may never become a professional sports bettor but you sure as hell can make money betting sports. You are not going to make retirement money, but it is not crazy to think you can make a car payment every month. Maybe even your rent/mortgage. I can show you what it means to be smart when you bet.



Uncle Fitzy

Decent amount of love and support when the Free Parlay climbs the top rope, raises its hands in the air, summoning the power of 10,000 suns and delivers a piercing elbow to your bookies chest! I can’t do Free parlays everyday and I can’t do Free picks everyday (I got kids, I got responsibilities) but what I can do is hook you guys up with a few a week. Also, per many of your requests I will keep a running tally of the Free Pick/Parlay Record for this year and have them for you guys to brag about or talk shit on me about.

Pick em, Parlay em, cash em. Just like the spreads, I GOT YOU COVERED!