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Is that a FREE PARLAY?

Chicago @ Philly Pick 1-17-19

How much fun are you guys having betting on the NBA? Some crazy shit happens in the association. Your bet is never over in the NBA one of my most favorite reasons I love betting them so much. Been killing the league in straight picks, just want to put some parlays together Ferda boys because everyone loves a parlay. Here we go..

FREE 1Q Lay: +641

76ers – ML

Pelicans -1

Rockets -1

Turn on TNT tonight. Grab a beer or 6. Throw some chocolate in the freezer. Fill up a bowl of cool ranch Doritos. And slide that bag of wild berry skittles right in your pocket. Only thing left to do is set that chair to recline and cash this son bitch in with da boys!

Have some. Then get some.
– Fitz

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