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Seahawks/Packers Pick 1-12-20

Seahawks/Packers Pick 1-12-20

Seahawks/Packers Pick 1-12-20

The only issue I see with any of these bets today, is that the sports books could claim that we were taking advantage of clear line errors. That is my only explanation for the mistakes that I saw when I opened my 5Dimes account today. I don’t know how much crack you have to smoke to put out numbers like this, but I assure you, it’s a lot. I just hope they get the help they need because crack kills.

Look guys, this is easy. Only one team in the NFL gave up more receptions this season to the tight end position than the Seattle Seahawks (Dallas Cowboys). The Packers only targeted their tight ends 95 times this season which is not a lot but Graham saw 60 of them. Even though he is on the field for less than 60% of the snaps, he damn sure not there to block so there is that. We only need three recepitons  and we are getting (+125) odds. You would have to be higher than the guy who made this line to not take it.

The next bet is even easier than the first one. There are 32 teams in the NFL and the Seahawks gave up more receiving yards to tight ends than 30 of them. They couldn’t cover a tight end with a blanket. If I had to guess, I would say Graham has 3 catches for 35 yards at the half in this one so it is kind of going to suck for guys that wanted to watch the second half of this game. It also sucks because there is no hockey to give us action and only one late college hoops game. Basically you are going to be bored after about 7:45 so be ready for that. I am sure you can figure out something. See you guys at the cashier’s cage after the game.

Seahawks/Packers Pick 1-12-20 (Lines are at 5Dimes)

  • Jimmy Graham Over 2.5 Receptions +125
  • Jimmy Graham Over 24.5 Receiving yards

Every straight bet I make is to win 1% of my bankroll

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